When you need someone to purchase your annual re-supply order and send it to you we can help. We are a personal shopping company with over 25 years experience in procurement, packaging and shipping goods to Canada's Arctic regions. We are based in Ottawa, Ontario. If you need a sealift order or a single item and can't get to the south to purchase it, we can get it for you. We will pack it safely and deliver it to TSC for crating and shipping or to one of the airlines offering service to your community. 




Send us your order.


We will purchase, pack and deliver your items to TSC.


TSC will crate and ship your order to you.

Our hourly rate is $40.00 per hour. There is a 5% surcharge applied for payment processing.

We tally the time it takes to go to the store, purchase, pick up, pack and deliver it to TSC.  The date, time and duration is electronically recorded and saved in a file for each order.

On average we find it takes about 5 hours to purchase non-perishable orders for a family including shopping at Costco and Loblaws.


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